About Code for Buffalo

What is Code for Buffalo?

Code for Buffalo is a volunteer Civic Technology meetup. We are part of the Code for America Brigade network, and are made up of developers, designers, data geeks, citizen activists, and many others who use creative technology to solve civic and social problems.

What is Civic Technology?

The definition of civic tech can be quite unclear sometimes - here is a great starting point: #CivicTech Primer: What is “civic tech”?

The gist of it is that civic tech is using technology in a creative way to help better the lives of individuals in our communities, whether that is through person-to-person interactions, or via person-to-government interactions.

What to Expect

You can apply your skills and expertise to work on an existing problem or project you care about like:

  • Creating an enrollment website for water affordability programs
  • Improving pathways to eligible criminal record clearance
  • Providing reminders for court date appearances
  • Helping residents keep storm drains clear during heavy rain
  • Create apps. Design websites. Organize events. Write copy. And more!
  • Hang out with other civic hackers, eat pizza and drink beverages.

What Not to Expect

  • You can meet a lot of new and interesting people and make useful connections, but we are not a networking group. We are volunteers working to make our community better through technology with the occasional social happy hours.
  • You can learn a lot of things about coding and design by participating in the Brigade but we are not a code or design school.

Code for America

Code for Buffalo is part of the Brigade Network of Code for America. Learn more about Code for America here.

Core Team

Code for Buffalo is led by a Core Team that organizes events, manages strategic partnerships, and ensures fluid communication among cross-functional project teams. The Core Team oversees volunteer management, organizational sustainability, and day-to-day operations.

Mike Brown

Jalonda Hill

Julie Pryzbyla

Jonathan (JB) Hutchison